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Archaeological impact assessment has become an integral part of the planning process. ARC Consultants carries out archaeological heritage impact assessment in relation to proposed public and private development. A fundamental part of this work is research into the potential for archaeological heritage to exist in a given area, and evaluation of the importance of existing or potential archaeological monuments or remains, providing descriptions of the nature, character and history of these monuments or remains.

ARC offers the services of an in-house professional archaeologist who, through detailed desk-based assessment and field survey, can identify the potential impacts of a proposed development on the archaeological record. We will offer professional, impartial advice, and identify all possible non-intrusive solutions for the protection of archaeological heritage after an in-depth study of the archaeological history of the area in question, whether that area is located in an urban or rural context. The Archaeological Heritage Assessment will highlight known monuments in the immediate vicinity and in the environs, previous excavations and stray finds. ARC will recommend mitigating measures, such as monitoring of ground breaking site works for any signs of archaeological activity, geophysics, test trenches or, depending on the results of monitoring or test trenches, full-scale excavation.