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Sunlight Access Analysis and Analysis of Potential Overshadowing
Issues in relation to sunlight access can come up in a number of ways in urban planning, as part of the planning process and in land disputes. ARC can provide a variety of services tailored to resolving any such issues. For example, ARC can predict the duration of sunlight access that any room receives or is likely to receive. Proprietary software allows for the provision of shadow analysis in animated form, which can, for example, demonstrate, that although a building might be overshadowed by a development, the duration of that overshadowing might be quite short. ARC can also undertake analysis of the potential overshadowing by a proposed development of neighbouring structures or lands. Sunlight access impact analysis is often prepared for inclusion in an Environmental Impact Statement for a proposed development. The results of such analysis are described in a report and presented on shadow study diagrams, examples of which are set out below.

Daylight Access Analysis
Often, particularly in an urban context or where high density development is proposed, daylight access within buildings can become a serious concern. ARC can provide quantifiable analysis of the daylight received within buildings and advice on appropriate levels of daylighting at design stage, at planning application stage and where rights to light issues are concerned.