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Visibility and Visual Impact Assessment
For many years ARC has been carrying out analysis of the potential visibility and visual impact of development. This work includes analysis of the potential visual impact of new urban quarters proposed as part of local area plans, of new roads or railways and other infrastructure, of major new development and of individual buildings or structures. Analysis of the visual sensitivity of potential development land is also carried out, as well as analysis of the visual sensitivity of historic buildings, areas and monuments. Digital modelling and photomontage may be carried out in support of ARCs analysis and examples of our work can be viewed in the Gallery. ARC has carried out visual impact assesment of the following projects: Land Survey and Digital Terrain Modelling
When carrying out assessment of the potential visibility of development, ARC uses measured survey and digital terrain modelling as tools in its analysis. ARC carries out measured survey using total stations and survey standard GPS equipment to ensure that its modelling and analysis of the potential visibility of development is accurate. ARC also creates digital terrain models as part of its assessment of the potential zone of visual influence (ZVI) of development. The potential visibility of development as indicated by digital modelling is then assessed by field work, so that the influence of features such as buildings and vegetation are taken into account, these features not normally being part of a digital terrain model. ARC has provided digital terrain models for the following projects: