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ARC Consultants carries out survey and recording of historic buildings. This may include full measured survey, rectified photographic elevations or record photography.

Full Measured Survey
Over the past number of years, ARC has carried out full measured survey of many important historic buildings and structures throughout Ireland. These have included Mediaeval churches and castles, eighteenth and nineteenth century houses (including some of Ireland’s great houses), industrial buildings, railway structures and historic monuments. Typically, full measured survey is carried out using electronic total stations, which are instruments which measure both angles and distance and are based on laser technology. Electronic information is usually supplemented by traditional hand measurement and photography. The result of full measured survey is finished architectural drawings showing full architectural detail.

Rectified Photographic Elevations
Rectified photography is a process suitable for survey and recording of relatively planar elevations. The process uses cameras designed for architectural photography with the camera oriented so that the image plane is parallel to the surface of the elevation being photographed. Measurements are taken electronically on the elevation and the photography is then scaled and assembled to produce scale-accurate elevational photographs, either in colour or in black and white. Rectified photography is particularly useful where both the dimensions and the condition of an elevation is to be recorded.

Record Photography
Record photography is carried out using camera designed for architectural work. Record photography may be carried out either under conditions of natural light or using flash photography. ARC Consultants have a range of specialised cameras designed for architectural photography and a full range of high powered flash equipment capable of lighting even the largest spaces.